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Crews Lake Dental Laboratory strives to bring you consistent, high quality, and long lasting partial dentures. Your partial dentures are always made from 100% Vitallium metal. Vitallium is the industry's benchmark material. Vitallium is an alloy that is completely nickel and beryllium free. Crews Lake Dental Laboratory uses US Priority mail to ship the work back to you in a safe and timely manner. We offer Rx pads upon request and printable RX slips here.

Upper or Lower Partial Framework

10 working days or less



*Attachments are extra

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Sounds too good to be true? Don't just take our word on it, check out these testimonials from other doctors from around the country who have given Crews Lake Dental Laboratory a chance.

Dr. Jerry A. Fikes, DMD

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

"Jeff's frameworks have always fit, which saves chair time by not requiring me to make adjustments. You may find a more economical lab, but not having to spend 30 minutes or more to get the framework to seat  makes Jeff's frames a true value to my practice."

Al Fillastre, CDT, Ceram-O-Arts, Inc.

Lakeland, FL

“I have worked with Jeff for many years and use him for all my fixed/removable cases.  He REALLY knows what he is doing and how to PROPERLY design a framework!  Jeff is a great asset for my C&B Lab.”

Dr. Michael M. Werth, DDS

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

“I've worked with Jeff for the past 28 years and in all that time I don't remember ever having to remake a framework (and I'm very picky!).   He understands framework design and is impeccable at producing a framework that fits.  If you send him a good impression, you will receive a framework that will make your life easier and your patients happier.”

Dr. Philip N. Ankrim DDS

Gainesville, FL

"Jeff Brabbs, also known as Crews Lake Dental Lab, has been my   "go to " technician for cast removable dental devices for at least 25 years. He has the knowledge necessary to understand designs of frameworks for optimal success. His work fits and requires very little adjustment. He is very easy to work with and I cannot imagine doing fine removable prosthetics without his expertise."

Dr. Stephen L. Hough, DDS, PC

Salem, OR

"It’s been my good fortune and great pleasure to work closely with a master technician for the past 25 years.  During a prosthetic course at Pankey Institute, the visiting faculty shared the name of his partial lab with me.  Jeff has been making me look good ever since.  This man knows what he’s doing and can definitely help you make the most of your removable cases."

Dr. Jay E. Boatwright III, DMD

Pensacola, FL

"I am a prosthodontist in Pensacola, FL.  I have my own in-office laboratory where we can perform all laboratory procedures except cast metal.  I have been working with Jeff since 2005 and have always been very pleased with his removable frameworks.  Jeff does an excellent job incorporating attachments into frameworks for precision fit prostheses.  Rarely do I have to do any adjustments on the frameworks.  It is a definite pleasure to work with Jeff!"

Dr. Paul Saari, DDS

Lakeland, FL

"It seems that Removable Partial Denture design and construction is becoming a lost art. With Crews Lake Dental Lab and Jeff Brabbs, the ART is ALIVE AND WELL! In over 35 years of practicing Dentistry, I have never found a Lab which can even come close to Jeff when it come to Partial Dentures. Jeff’s frames go right into place with absolutely no adjustments. Great retention and durability. It is a pleasure working with Jeff!"


Dr. Steve C. Woodruff, DDS

Athens, TX

“I have been practicing dentistry for 34 years and do about 30 partial dentures a year which translates to over 1,000 partials over my career.  Jeff Brabbs and Crews Lake Dental Lab have done every one of these partials and all 1,000 have fit perfectly!  They are the most consistent, dependable lab I have ever seen.”

Dr. Donald M. Pomeranz, DDS

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

" It gives me great pleasure to "testify" here that in my 40 years in clinical practice there is no one in my experience today who makes a better frame then Jeff. I am grateful that he is still practicing and hope that he will continue to do so as long as I do.  Thanks Jeff!"

John Klepacki, CDT

Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. Robert E. Bell, DMD

Lakeland, FL

Dr. Gregory L. Weeks, DMD

Retired from Practice in Louisville, KY

“I have been working with Jeff Brabbs and Crews Lake Dental Lab for many years. We are very pleased with our working relationship, as Klepacki Dental Laboratory, LLC relies on the expertise of Crews Lake Dental Laboratory's long years providing excellent support for many discriminating dentists in the treatment area of removable oral prosthetics.  His designs work.  Respecting bio compatibility and disengagement under load are but two concepts Jeff provides in an intuitive atmosphere.  Add in that old Southern laid back approach guaranteed to save tons of time downstream and removables are fun and profitable again.”

“I used to dread seeing – Try in P/P in a 30 min. slot knowing I was in for some serious bending and grinding to even get them down.  Since meeting Jeff and having him fabricate my frames, it has become a relief to see a partial frame try-in on my schedule.  They are like a piece of artwork with rest seats looking like inlays that just snap in!  I can’t say enough about the quality and integrity of Jeff and Crews Lake Dental Lab.  Did I mention I met Jeff 25 years ago!  I have used him exclusively and partials have been the highlight of my day knowing I was delivering, in my opinion, the best partials consistently with minimal chair time.  In closing, be prepared to be amazed with Jeff’s consistency and excellence!”

"I began using Lakeland Dental Lab upon the recommendation of Dr. Earl Estep.  I soon found out that Jeff Brabbs was the go-to guy for partial denture frameworks.  Shortly afterwards, Jeff opened his own lab, Crews Lake Dental Laboratory in Lakeland, Florida.  My practice was located in Louisville, KY but I found that it was well worth it to use Crews Lake lab since there was almost never an instance of the framework and indeed, the entire partial not snapping into place with little to no adjustments.  Jeff was really good with turnaround time and always very conscious of getting the job done.

If you want to use a lab for partial denture construction, I can’t recommend Crews Lake Dental Laboratory any more highly.”


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